Our story

email Hippo

How it began

Email Hippo began back in 2000 as a ‘sticky’ tool that proved popular on an IT advice and affiliate marketing website.

Traffic to the email checking tool became more valuable than the original site, so in 2009 the funny little sticky widget that people liked to use to check emails was turned into a business start-up. Rolosoft.

Rolosoft.com – the pioneer in online email validation

Taking email validation online was a great leap forward. Other services existed but they were desktop based, and couldn’t be scaled up as mail servers wouldn’t trust repeated enquiries from dynamic IP addresses or small business networks.

Rolosoft took email validation to the next level. It delivered a scalable, server based infrastructure that provided better results - faster. Remember, the trick to validating email addresses isn’t a single mailbox 'ping', it’s doing it millions of times without losing coverage.

E-verify Ltd.  - growing email validation from 2011

After two years, demand was outstripping supply and eVerify Ltd. was created to take the company to the next stage. Staff were employed, offices filled, servers deployed... and the customer list kept on growing. E-verify kept growing too, until it reached a point where the directors wanted to divest interests and focus in different directions. Rowland O’Connor, who had created that first sticky widget back in 2000 decided to lift email validation to new level. Enter Email Hippo.

Email Hippo - the next big step in email validation

In 2015, Email Hippo started trading. The growth was extraordinary and within months the company was seeing results that were almost two years ahead of forecast.

Business moves on quickly in the cloud and the email checking product offered by Email Hippo is faster, results more detailed and the scale of delivery greater than anything imaginable back in 2000. After all, eighteen years is a long time in IT! The Email Hippo team has decades of specialist experience and a shared vision for delivering excellence and taking email validation into exciting new applications.

The next chapter in our story

These are the values that will shape the future for Email Hippo;

  • Transparency, straight-talking and respect
  • Expertise, thought leadership and vision
  • Technological leadership, investment and scalable infrastructure
  • Security, compliance and fighting fraud - keeping the internet clean

Our values

Transparency, straight-talking and respect

It can be hard to connect with people you don’t meet, so we'll always make sure you’re comfortable with us and take steps to build trust.

Our processes and services are suitable for users of all technical abilities. Whether you need to validate dozens of email addresses or millions, you will access the same quality of service and information. Always.

Expertise, thought leadership and vision

Email validation helps businesses transact safely online and comply with increasingly complex data protection laws.

The excitement of continually improving what we do and creating new stuff that helps solve problems is part of our future.

Technological leadership, investment and scalable infrastructure

We invest in systems to ensure our services are scalable and reliable. Our Service Level Agreement promises an uptime of over 99.9% and we continually deliver this. By reinvesting profit into infrastructure and technology we'll continue to provide a perpetually better service.

Security, compliance and fighting fraud

We treat every bit of data as if it was the most sensitive data we could ever handle. That's why we invest in our people and work processes, as well as in third-party services to ensure we all sleep easy.

Within reason, we help customers understand our security systems so they can confidently do business with us. 

These days we are at the forefront of the fight against online fraud and we feel very strongly that we will continue to help make the internet a safer, cleaner place.