How it began

Our roots in email validation date back to 2000, when our email address validation service initially gained popularity on an IT advice and affiliate marketing website.

We took a significant turn in 2009 when we led the way by developing a scalable, server-based infrastructure that outpaced desktop-based alternatives. This was more than just a technological leap; it was a statement that validation isn't about a single action, but a continuous process.

In 2011, demand surged, teams expanded, and our reputation grew stronger. With rapid growth that defied forecasts, Email Hippo quickly earned its stripes as a big player in the email verification arena.

Yet, growth wasn't without its challenges. The surge in online fraud paralleled Email Hippo's rise. Determined to be a proactive force, we transformed adversity into opportunity. The solution wasn't just another tool; it was an API named MORE – a product that blended email verification with sophisticated fraud identification. This innovation was a game-changer, propelling Email Hippo's growth trajectory upward once more.

The pursuit of excellence didn't stop at innovation; it extended to security and trust. In a bold move, Email Hippo became the first in our industry to receive international security accreditation ISO 27001. This marked not only a testament to our commitment to quality but also our determination to fight the surge of cyber threats that had become more prominent than ever.

Recognition followed suit. In 2020, our dedication to innovation culminated in the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise, an accolade that further solidified our position as a trailblazer in the UK business landscape.

But Email Hippo's journey was far from over. Our next move was to introduce ASSESS, a pioneering "pre-fraud" solution designed to tackle the menace at its roots. It was a next-generation tool that built upon the existing Email Hippo Trust Score, showcasing our proactive approach to combating online fraud.

Our values are our guiding North Star. Transparency, respect, expertise, thought leadership, and technological prowess are woven into the very fabric of our culture. The dedication to scalable infrastructure, security, compliance, and fraud prevention forms the pillar of our operations, enabling the company to uphold its vision of a safer and cleaner internet.

As we look toward the future, legacy is important, with two decades of evolution leading us to the forefront of the battle against online fraud, championing trust and innovation as primary weapons. We achieved our growth through a blend of vision, dedication, and the unwavering commitment to making the internet a better place.

Our values

Transparency, straight-talking and respect

It can be hard to connect with people you don’t meet, so we'll always make sure you’re comfortable with us and take steps to build trust.

Our processes and services are suitable for users of all technical abilities. Whether you need to validate dozens of email addresses or millions, you will access the same quality of service and information. Always.

Expertise, thought leadership and vision

Email validation helps businesses transact safely online and comply with increasingly complex data protection laws.

The excitement of continually improving what we do and creating new stuff that helps solve problems is part of our future.

Technological leadership, investment and scalable infrastructure

We invest in systems to ensure our services are scalable and reliable. By reinvesting profit into infrastructure and technology we'll continue to provide a perpetually better service.

Security, compliance and fighting fraud

We treat every bit of data as if it was the most sensitive data we could ever handle. That's why we invest in our people and work processes, as well as in third-party services to ensure we all sleep easy.

Within reason, we help customers understand our security systems so they can confidently do business with us. 

These days we are at the forefront of the fight against online fraud and we feel very strongly that we will continue to help make the internet a safer, cleaner place.