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Old email addresses are bad news. They clutter up lists, spoil marketing campaigns and make your data less valuable. If you use old email addresses you risk damaging your sender reputation (so your emails won't get delivered) and breaking personal data laws. The good news is that cleaning up old email addresses is easy, accurate and cost-effective.

Our product choices for identifying old email addresses are


If your list contains fewer than 500,000 unique email addresses you can upload it at anytime for self-serve validating. CORE provides results in extra columns on the end of yours. The results tell you if the email address is good, bad or if it can’t be verified - as well as why. In addition CORE provides information about the domain country code and mail provider; in total you receive four pieces of information about each email address.

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MORE is an API that returns the full results of every email-based datapoint that we check, so it gives extremely comprehensive results. It will identify bad email addresses and provide extra information that helps marketers spot patterns and get a better understanding of their customers’ profiles. Over seventy datapoints are returned about each email address. MORE is extremely fast and you can call it whenever you like, as often as you like.

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