About our APIs

> 99.99% uptime

Load balanced with automatic fail-over systems dispersed across multiple data centers deliver enterprise-grade resilience.

Easy integration

Take a look at our endpoints and code samples to see how quick and easy it is to integrate with our services.

Fast, transparent response times

Query responses include stopwatch data that shows the time taken to execute the request. Typical queries return in under 0.5 seconds.


Unrivalled performance

Strategic data centers in Europe, aggressive caching, global network delivery optimization and cloud-based auto-scaling deliver outstanding performance.

Thoughtful versioning

Endpoints are ‘versioned’ allowing the release of new functionality without forcing customers to change or break if they are committed to integrating with legacy endpoints.




Edition 1 / Version 2

MORE email address verification API Edition 1 - the fastest, slimmed down version known as V2 uses our comprehensive email validation engine and returns essential result information. 






Edition 2 / Version 3

MORE email address verification API Edition 2 - the comprehensive, feature rich version known as V3 uses the same comprehensive email validation engine and returns 74 data points including the Email Hippo Trust Score. MORE E2/V3



Edition 1 / Version 1

The next generation of the award-winning Email Hippo Trust Score; ASSESS is a scalable pre-fraud system for businesses from entry to enterprise levels. It delivers results via an API that’s integrated at the point where users sign-up and enter an email address. ASSESS explores the data behind every sign-up, looking for ‘tells’ and assigning a numeric level of risk to every result. The aggregated results are produced as a single Trust Score, enabling businesses to detect potentially risky sign-ups and take action accordingly. ASSESS



Edition 1 / Version 1

Email Hippo WHOIS API services facilitate easy, fast and scalable access to the global WHOIS databases in both structured and unstructured formats with domain age information. WHOIS