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Email verification helps stop fraud at first point of contact. By detecting email addresses that can't be trusted, (like those that have just been created, or will only last temporarily) fraud is reduced. You may simply need to block risky-looking email addresses to stop trial abuse, or delve deeper into every email address to create more complex screening.

Our product choices for reducing online fraud are


ASSESS is an API that prevents fraud at first point of contact. It profiles email addresses, domains, locations and user information and returns a Trust Score about each one. The Trust Score enables automatic processes; what to let through, what to block. ASSESS alerts you to fraud BEFORE a user checks out, signs-up or downloads assets.

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MORE is an API that prevents people from using bad email addresses when they are buying online. It performs 74 checks on every email address and gives a 'Trust Score' indicator about whether you should trust the person at the end of the email address.

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