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Access consistent, reliable WHOIS data via an easy to call API that unwraps 2,500 sources.

WHOIS provides machine readable domain data, including calculated domain ages and time to expiry.

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Who is it for?

Data enrichers, lead generators and data brokers suffering from scale issues with traditional suppliers, and those who also want to leverage value from consistent machine readable domain age data.

What does it do?

WHOIS brings order to chaos. It solves the problem of different date reporting across the WHOIS universe. It interrogates 2,500 databases and returns consistent, reliable data that's ready for system integration.

How do I use it?

Integrate the API. Using json, xml, bson or protobuf enrich data and lever more value from it.

WHOIS delivers structured domain data

Structured data and human-readable results with calculated expiry dates


  • Raw WHOIS text
  • Hippo database dates
  • WHOIS Record created date
  • Registrar data
  • Admin data
  • Billing contact data
  • Tech contact data
  • Registrar contact data
  • Zone contact data
  • Name servers
  • Domain stati
  • Expiry date
  • Created date
  • Changed date
  • Domain age
  • Domain age (ISO 8601)
  • Time to Expiry date
  • Time to expiry (ISO 8601)

Product Plans

Edition 1

Structured WHOIS data

  • One-time, monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions
  • Payment by credit card or PayPal

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