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Explore a universe of email validation with our comprehensive API.

Get accurate results quickly and analyse 74 datapoints about every email address you check. Use MORE to add value to your data and enhance your business performance.

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Smart, scalable and incredibly fast

Who is it for?

People who want to integrate an email validation API into their business systems. To use it you’ll need to know how to call an API and use the results, so integration is usually done by developers or web masters.

What does it do?

MORE checks email addresses in realtime, returning results from seventy four data points, forming the unique Email Hippo Trust Score. It’s used in many ways, for example, filtering online sign-ups, cleaning CRM systems and adding value to data.

How do I use it?

The MORE API is easy to call and it’s supported by excellent documentation. If you would like to try it out, sign up for a free trial, you'll get a licence key, and within seconds you can call the API, check an email address and see results.

Features and benefits

  • Professional processing on secure, cloud servers in Europe - be confident and worry-free
  • Results returned on 74 data points - informs smart business decisions
  • Unique Email Hippo Trust Score - helps you decide whether to trust each email address
  • Advanced Disposable Email Address (DEA) detection - identify real contacts
  • Uses client code generator - integrates with more than 20 frameworks and languages so it’s easily accessible
  • Reliable, with a Service Level Agreement uptime of >99.9% that’s publicly monitored - MORE will not be a failure point in your system
  • Handles volumes of multi-million requests - great performance whatever your business scale
  • Flexible subscriptions based on usage - cost-effective and adaptive to your needs
  • Reporting via user dashboard - monitor use, identify patterns

MORE datapoints include

  • Gibberish detector
  • Incoming spam
  • Syntax
  • Full DNS records
  • Mailbox inspection
  • SMTP banner
  • Mail server infrastructure identifier
  • Website PING
  • Primary status code
  • Secondary reason codes
  • Proprietary deliverability scoring
  • Role addresses
  • Domain identification
  • Advanced disposable email detection
  • Time to process by event
  • Free mail domains
  • Catch all servers
  • Geographic location of mail server

Click here for links to MORE documentation on Swagger and Github

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