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The world’s most comprehensive email validation and data enrichment service

Email validation that gives you More. More checks, More data, More benefits, More uses.

Choose how to access the power of More

  • Email Hippo user dashboard – Realtime ‘Verify Now’ one email address at a time
  • API installation – fuse the power of More into your processes

Email Hippo dashboard Realtime ‘Verify Now’ results – one at a time

Top-level results give you a visual overview – the Email Hippo level of sendability and trust.

This easy-view scoring of four factors is reached by a point and weighting system that measures over

74 checkpoints and calculates whether the email address is genuine, and if you can trust it.

Can you send – should you send?

Behind each result is another, deeper, level of information, giving you the full low-down. More will tell you whether you can send to an email address – and also if you should send to it. That’s really clever.

Is the person you’re dealing with trying to hide their identity? Are they using a dark web address? Is it a spam trap? Is there a web domain associated with their email? What country is it registered in? More answers all these questions – and more.

Example of some of the output from More API. We had to cut some of the data off because there is too much to display on screen!


Your data is secure

With our ISO 27001 certification, you can be confident that your data remains private. We've earned the trust of thousands of clients since 2009 to keep their data secure. Would you trust other non-certified providers with your company's valuable data?

Fast response

More than thirty servers distributed across three continents deliver you the fastest response times possible. Typical response times less than one second.

Better uptime than our competitors

Services with an uptime better than 99.9% mean that our services are there when your application needs them. Backed by our SLA.

Features & Benefits

  • ISO 27001 certified data privacy.
  • Results from the More API are returned on an unprecedented 74 data points. That’s 62 more than before, and at least 50 more than any other email validation business.
  •   Scoring for inbound and outbound email activities (receive and send).
  • Unique Hippo Trust® score helps you decide quality of email addresses.
  • Bad email address detection.
  • Beat the bad actors with advanced DEA detection, website PING and spamhaus lookup.
  • Longitudinal reporting is provided – text and graphics.
  • Multiple protocols supported. JSON, BSON, XML and protobuf.
  • Integrates with more than 20 frameworks and languages using client code generator.
  • > 99.9% uptime.
  • Global cloud based servers for fast response time.
  • Big data volumes? Our auto-scaling cloud based systems cope with large data volumes up to 40 million email addresses per month with ease.

Why do you need the power of More?

Email addresses are valuable, and if they are vital to your business you need to be sure you are using the best email validation service.

More is better than any other email validation system because it provides accurate answers quickly – and it lets you lift the lid on the detail. Use More for heavyweight support when you make data quality decisions.

Do you..

Sell data? The quality of your list can be a real advantage in a competitive market. More returns more accurate results than any other provider, so your data is worth more.

Perform email marketing? Bad email addresses on your database result in skewed marketing results, and sending to them wastes time and money. Accidentally sending to a spam trap can seriously harm your ability to connect with legitimate customers. More improves your deliver-ability rates and saves you time and money.

Trade online? Stop trading with people who use a bad email address deliberately to defraud your business through so-called ‘friendly’ charge-backs. Keep your data clean and make personal shopping experiences better, so you sell more, more effectively online.

  • More checks.
  • More data.
  • More benefits.
  • More uses.

Integration Options codegen

Our API includes a standard RESTful implementation and can integrate easily with any system at either the client or server levels.

You have access to extensive documentation (see for yourself ).

Using CODEGEN , integrate with:

  • ActionScript
  • Bash
  • C# (.net 2.0, 4.0 or later)
  • C++ (cpprest, Qt5, Tizen)
  • Clojure
  • Dart
  • Elixir
  • Go
  • Groovy
  • Haskell
  • Java (Jersey1.x, Jersey2.x, OkHttp, Retrofit1.x, Retrofit2.x, Feign)
  • Node.js (ES5, ES6, AngularJS with Google Closure Compiler annotations) Objective-C
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Swift (2.x, 3.x)
  • Typescript (Angular1.x, Angular2.x, Fetch, jQuery, Node)

With outstanding documentation and first class support, your technical team will have minimal issues integrating the API with your systems.

Microsoft .NET

.NET Client Library

If your developers use the .NET stack, have them check out our high performance client library at github .

This software is fast to implement, delivers parallel processing out of the box and is fully supported by Email Hippo.


Our Features vs. Competitors

email hippo
Email Hippo
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  website website
ISO 27001 compliant? 
Stated uptime > 99.9% > 99.5% not stated
Public uptime monitoring stats




not available
Advanced dynamic Trust® score 
Format gibberish detector 
Incoming spam checking 
Syntax checking 
DNS checking 
Full DNS records included 
Mailbox inspection 
SMTP banner included 
Mail server infrastructure identifier 
Website PING 
Primary status code 
Secondary reason codes 
Proprietary deliverability scoring 
Role addresses 
Disposable detection (basic) 
Disposable detection (advanced) 
Timer (basic) 
Timer (advanced) 
Free mail detection 
Accept all detection 
Did you mean? 
Geo location 
Advanced integration options via ( 
Integration over JSON 
Integration over XML 
Integration over BSON 
Integration over protobuf 
Social (Gravatar) data 
  Email Hippo
Information correct as of May 30, 2017

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