E-mail Checkers and Other Services To Reduce Bounces In Your Campaigns

Email hard bounces can be a real hassle to manage for your email list. Learn how to reduce hard bounces by using effective email verification services.

e-mail checkers can cut your business costs

In a previous article I outlined the negative effects that hard bounces can have on the delivery rates your businesses email campaigns.

In this article, we'll focus on the manual processing implications associated with dealing with email hard bounces. Then we'll move on to what can be done to reduce the hassle factor of manually dealing with bounces (or Non Delivery Reports (NDRs))

Bounced Emails Add Costs To Your Business

Let's take the scenario where your business regularly sends e-mail campaigns (to reach out to existing customers with a newsletter perhaps).

As part of the process, someone in your business should be receiving NDR emails and removing email addresses from future e-mail campaigns. Processing NDRs is a direct cost to your business in terms of staffing costs. It can be argued that this can be a task for an existing employee to fit around other duties but even if we call it an indirect cost it's still a cost to your business.

Techniques for Dealing with Bounced E-Mails

There are several options for handling NDRs.

1) Ignore and do nothing

This is the least preferable option as it can have an immediate and ongoing effect on your business in terms of:


  • Easy


  • Reduced delivery rates of email campaign
  • Risk of your ESP not wishing to send emails on your behalf and cancel your account.

2) Manual processing of NDRs

Ongoing costs to your business.


  • Easy and possibly lowest cost option if your business has capacity, existing staff.


  • Ongoing direct / indirect cost to your business
  • Possible single point of failure - processing stops if staff member(s) are away

3) Automate NDR processing

Build or procure automated NDR processing software. With the correct software, it is possible to automatically remove email addresses from your list to avoid sending out emails to invalid addresses on the next campaign run.


  • Effectively eliminate invalid emails from your list on an ongoing basis.
  • One off cost to implement (if in-house). Savings kick in over time (compared to complete manual processing).


  • Emails are sent to invalid addresses before NDR processing can occur. Sending emails to invalid email addresses can negatively affect delivery efficiency rates.
  • Your ESP may object to initial high rates of NDRs. Your ESP can possibly cancel your account.
  • High implementation cost. Bounce handling services are relatively expensive. Implementing your own will require advanced technical skills at programmer level.

4) Eliminate invalid addresses from you list before send with e-mail checker

Use a third party service to remove invalid email addresses from your list before email send.


  • Ensure best delivery rates of email campaigns
  • Minimal administration costs to your business. No manual or automatic NDR processing needed.
  • Maintain good reputation with your ESP.


  • Third party services cost.
  • Some manual processing still involved such as uploading and downloading data, "folding" results back into your email campaigns.


If your business sends e-mails as part of a strategic process such as in marketing to existing customers, dealing with bounces (NDRs) is a necessary requirement.

Simply ignoring e-mail bounces is not a viable option and can end up causing more problems than it solves.

Implement processes that best fit your businesses operating practices. E-Mail checkers are one way of dealing with the problem of bounces.

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