How To Check The Email Validity For Your Mailing List

Checking email address validity is an excellent way of reducing the bounce rate from your email campaigns. Learn how you can reduce bounce rates today.

check email validity to reduce bounce rates

The Problem

A Familiar Story?

Your business has built a database of customer details over the last few years.

You want to promote your businesses latest and greatest widget to your existing customers. How? Sending out an email campaign sounds like the obvious choice. You've got all of the customers' email addresses, so just export a list of email addresses, create an email campaign and blast out those emails! Simple right? Well not so straight forward in reality.

Here's what happens:
Your business has no capability to do bulk mail sends so you use a popular Email Service Provider (ESP). You upload your list of email addresses, create your mail message for your campaign and hit the "send" button. Hey presto, campaign done and dusted just wait for the conversions, leads and sales to appear right? Wrong! Thirty minutes after hitting the "send" button in your ESP, you receive a strongly worded email from your ESP telling you that unless you reduce something called a "bounce rate", your account will be cancelled and the ESP doesn't want your business.

Ouch! Before today, you perhaps thought a "bounce rate" was something to do with basketball? Now, it seems that an unhealthy bounce is a barrier to your business being able to promote its new widget. The idea of emailing customers was such a simple one and yet the reality of sending email campaigns seems to be fraught with barriers.

So now you have a couple of problems as far as "bounce rate" is concerned:

  • Gaining understanding on what it means
  • Finding out how to deal with it so that your ESP doesn't kick you off

The Solution

Bounce Rate Defined

Put very simply, "bounce rate" is the number of emails that you sent out that were returned. As a famous rock legend once said:

Return to sender, that address is unknown...

Elvis Presley

In a modern, digital era, this song could have been singing about sending emails!

There are two types of "bounces":

  • Hard bounce
  • Soft bounce

The bounces that your ESP complained about are the "hard bounces". A hard bounce is an email that is returned to sender because the email address that you tried to send to is invalid.

Bounce rate is expressed as a percentage. It is the number of emails returned to sender divided by the total emails sent in a campaign.

bounce rate (%) = (emails returned / email sent) x 100

Reduce Bounce Rate Before Sending Email Campaigns

We know that bounce rate has a direct relationship with the number of invalid email addresses in a list. So, what if you can reduce the number of invalid emails in a list? It should (and indeed does) follow that if you can reduce the number of invalid emails in a list, then the proportion of emails returned as bounces in an email campaign is also reduced.

So how do you go about weeding out those invalid email addresses without actually running the campaign first? The answer is to use a service to check the validity of all email addresses in the list. Once you've run your list through an email validation service, use this cleaned up list to upload into your ESP and watch the bounce rate tumble. Your campaign gets delivered, no more worryingly worded emails from your ESP. Sweet!

Next Steps

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