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Delight your clients by stopping bad email addresses getting into their systems. Increase the value of customer databases. Show your clients how to cut operating costs with effective email validation.


simple, reliable and honest results

your data is secure

with our ISO27001:2013 certification, you can be confident that your data remains private. We've earned the trust of thousands of clients clients since 2009 to keep their data secure. Would you trust other non-certified providers with your companies valuable data?

fast response

more than thirty servers distributed across three continents deliver you the fastest response times possible. Typical response times less than one second.

better uptime than our competitors

services with an uptime better than 99.9% mean that our services are there when your application needs them. Backed by our SLA.

features & benefits

  • No software to download, install or maintain. Runs completely in the cloud as SaaS.
  • Integrates with almost everything.
  • No risk to you from IP blocking.
  • Multi-level inspection of email addresses. Syntax, DNS, mailbox, Disposable Email Addresses (DEA), spam traps and catch all detection.
  • Built in analytics. Charts and reports in a modern, mobile compatible dashboard.
good decisions

Our email verification portal comes with full access to the API and includes all the details required to get your integration project up and running quickly.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist..

If you're not quite ready for a full API technical implementation just yet, that's no problem. The email verification portal comes with powerful but easy to use, manual data entry functionality and built in reporting to get you started in the new world of real time email verification.

Blockspring supported

Email validation in your Excel or Google spreadsheet.

  • No coding or technical expertise required. Get up and running in minutes.
  • Simple to install with Google Sheets or Excel (Windows).
  • Integrate Email Hippo advanced email verification technology with other powerful systems such as Email Hunter,, Salesforce, Uber, Dropbox and many more.

Email Hippo is currently the only email verification provider available on Blockspring.

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product overview

Email verification API

Possible Applications and Use Cases

Our API can be used in scenarios where real time email verification is helpful:

  • For owners of websites, blogs or applications where the quality of email addresses is important. Prevent bad or fake emails entering your systems.
  • To ensure customers using your checkout process enter valid email addresses and ensure that they receive email notifications correctly.
  • For call centers where customer data is valuable and important to get right. Integrating call center software with our real time API greatly reduces errors resulting from incorrectly keyed data entry into CTI systems.



Manufacturer Email Hippo Ltd
Uptime > 99.9%
Response time > 0.2seconds < 8 seconds. Typical response time 0.7 seconds
Throughput and concurrency > 100 TPS.
Integration RESTful GET over HTTP(S)
Authentication License key
Infrastructure Geographically dispersed cloud data centers, auto load balance / failover


SLA included yes
Number of queries at the same time unlimited
Syntax checking? yes
DNS A checking? yes
DNS MX checking yes
Role Address checking yes
Free Mail detection yes
DEA detection yes (note: all mailinator domains detected)
Geo-location detection yes
Execution timer yes
Mailbox checking yes
Enhanced mailbox detection reason codes yes
Reporting / charts? yes
Versioning supported? yes
B2B coverage? yes
BigPond (.com & coverage? yes
Comcast coverage? yes
Hotmail coverage? yes
AOL coverage? yes
Yandex coverage? yes
Secure? yes. HTTPS supported.
Spam trap detection? partial
Reporting charts yes
Server to server supported? yes

integration options

Our API is a standard RESTful implementation and can integrate easily with any system at either the client or server levels.

You have access to extensive documentation (see for yourself ). Code samples integration guides for a wide range of software stacks including PHP, AngularJS, jQuery, Java, .NET, Perl, Python and CURL are available directly from inside your customer portal.

With outstanding documentation and first class support, your technical team will have minimal issues integrating the API with your systems.

.NET Client Library

If your developers use the .NET stack, have them check out our high performance client library at github .

This software is fast to implement, delivers parallel processing out of the box and is fully supported by Email Hippo.

API integration


read documentation

why Email Hippo?

Email Hippo launched in fall 2015. "New kids on the block"? Not exactly! New brand for sure but here's some things that you may be interested to know:

  • Large Technology Footprint - Our technology powers many other email validation providers.
  • Strong Pedigree - Our email cleansing services were originally created in 2009 and have cleaned up in excess of 960 million email addresses for thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Experience - Our technology delivered the world's first online self-service bulk verification services in 2010.
  • Trust - Thousands of businesses already trust their email validation requirements to our back end services. We don't store or share your data with anyone else (see privacy policy ).
  • Simple to Understand Results - We don't confuse you with complex numeric scoring systems and leave you to work out what are good and bad email address. We commit to describing each email address as it is in plain English - Ok, Bad, Unknown.

Our services deliver the best quality of coverage out there. That's why we offer full satisfaction with our service with a 7 day money back refund and cancellation policy.

We go even further and deliver a defined SLA so that you can be sure our services are up when you really need them.

Email Hippo provides high quality, reliable technology services to customers who appreciate the value of reliability and quality of third party services in their businesses.

Read more about Email Hippo.

our features vs competitors

email hippo
Email Hippo
brite verify
  free trial signup website website
  Email Hippo
free trial signup
Information correct as of December 18, 2015
ISO27001 compliant? 
stated uptime > 99.9% > 99.5% not stated
public uptime monitoring stats




not available
syntax checking 
DNS checking 
mailbox inspection 
primary status code 
secondary reason codes 
proprietary deliverability scoring 
role addresses 
disposable detection 
free mail detection 
accept all detection 
did you mean? 
geo location 
Blockspring integration supported 

our API performance vs competitors

Wondering how our API service stacks up against Neverbounce, Brite Verify, Kickbox and Verifilia?

We've done the comparison so that you don't have to.

Download the report to find out more

Chart showing accuracy analysis - May 2016

Click chart for full report.

compare Email Hippo


API stands for Application Programmers Interface. It's an industry standard way of hooking your systems up with ours. In other words, it's a way to get our great email validation technology working in your applications and systems.

You don't need to worry about throttling your requests. Our huge, auto-scaling, distributed infrastructure supports unlimited, concurrent queries.

Absolutely not. Our system does the work. We maintain your privacy.

Yes. Guaranteed. We do not retain, track or distribute your data to third parties. See our privacy policy for more information.

Yes. There are links to the detailed documentation inside the online portal. Additionally, you can access the documentation by clicking here .

Absolutely. We are provide the best Yahoo! coverage in the industry. Our API system usually delivers in excess of 96% coverage for Yahoo!

Performing email validation in scale and with accuracy is not as easy as you might think. By all means, don't take our word for it, have a go for yourself. Here is a complete write up with full PHP source code included. All you need is a server to host the script.

You will soon discover that simple script cannot scale to do any volume of email (yes, a bigger server will help but only to a point), receives frequent blocks from black lists and is generally unreliable. If script based solutions were viable, we (and competitors) would not have been in business doing this since 2010. Many of our customers today have tried the script option - all confirm that they found script impossible to use for practical, reliable applications.

On the fee question, if you shop around, you'll find our fees are extremely competitive for what you get. You simply will not find this quality of service for a better price.

Good question. The quality of our services speaks for itself. Need convincing? Try the following:

Step 1 Use the list below of "difficult to verify" email addresses on a range of other sites (hint: Google "email verification" to find our competitors):

  • - correct result should be 'ok'
  • - correct result should be 'bad'
  • - correct result should be 'ok'
  • - correct result should be 'ok'
  • - correct result should be 'ok'

Step 2 Compare our competitors results from step 1 to ours using our online demo.

You should see signifficantly better results from our systems. Why is this? It's because the Email Hippo team have been doing this since 2010 and we continually adapt and improve our systems and software to deal with the latest email standards such as working with block lists and establishing relationships with various white list providers.

It's also important to understand that Email Hippo services consist of many servers distributed throughout the world. Many of our competitors run single servers in a single data center which is great except on the occasions when the server or data center are offline. If you've gone to the trouble of integrating an API into your critical business systems, can you tolerate your systems going down as a result of a third party email validation API failing?

Great. See our full, detailed write up here .

Our infrastructure is distributed worldwide. We leverage cloud services from Amazon and Microsoft as well as private data centers to deliver the best possible experience to customers. We have data centers in:

  • North America (Virginia)
  • North America (California)
  • Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Netherlands
  • London
  • Singapore

Our network routing policies automatically select the closest data centers for our global customers.

The West Country - United Kingdom. See here for more information.

In most cases*, yes. We are happy to work with your developers to deliver a successful implementation in your business systems.

* = Common sense exclusions apply. For example, we are unable to write your software from the ground up.

API pricing

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