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Checking email addresses on the domain

Email Hippo customers can check the email addresses of Germany’s fastest growing email service provider. is the email service that provides over 13 million people in Germany with secure, encrypted email. And Email Hippo is the only email verification service provider that accurately checks email addresses on the domain.

After was bought in 2015 by the Stroer Group, (a multi-faceted digital and 'Out Of Home' news organisation)  its share of the email market grew. It’s joined the leading lights of Germany’s email providers. In fact, latest figures show has just over 10% of the market for email providers in Germany*, giving Google’s Gmail (13% share) a real run for its money.

It’s more than just an email provider. Think Oath crossed with Sky. The portal is Germany’s leading online news, content email and e-commerce portal attracting around 47 million users a month. The email service enables users to access all assets within the Stroer Digital news group with just one login. Users can search, shop, send secure emails and run their business communications with a email address.

SMTP: Simple mail transfer protocol

Email made in Germany

Germany has a strong culture of data privacy and data protection, and it was natural for consumers and businesses in Germany to be concerned about high-profile email data breaches and privacy threats. Whilst Yahoo data breaches were repeatedly stealing the headlines, German email service providers were working out how to collaborate to keep German users safe.

The response was for leading email service providers in Germany to form an alliance with a code of conduct that sets high standards for security and privacy. ‘Email made in Germany’ ensures all data is kept on servers in Germany, and emails are encrypted between alliance member services, so users can trust emails that have been flagged as ‘secure’.

Mail servers that form the ‘Email Made in Germany’ alliance have an intense focus on security; they need to be approached respectfully by high-speed email verification requests. Thanks to Email Hippo’s scale and experience, email addresses on all German domains are verified without triggering alarms or blocks.

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Europe’s leading specialist email verification provider

As Europe’s leading specialist email verification provider, processing over 2.3 billion email addresses in 2018, Email Hippo is growing a loyal user base of customers in Germany.

With the increase in its domain portfolio, Email Hippo provides coverage for all of Germany’s secure email providers, including the full suite of ‘Made in Germany’ alliance providers.

* 2018 ‘Email service provider market share in Germany’

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Written by: Lisa

Thursday, 4 April 2019