More new email verification API product features announced

Have you seen the changes on your Realtime API dashboard?

If you've logged in to your Email Hippo dashboard and checked an email address through the real-time email verification API you'll have noticed a change, as we've gone live with our new version of email validation software.

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We had great feedback through our BETA testing and now our v.3 product, 'MORE' is out and live in the world.

See your email graded by a score of Hippo Trust, Risk and Quality.

A screenshot showing a good quality email in the Email Hippo dashboard

A screenshot showing an untrustworthy email in the Email Hippo dashboard

A screenshot showing an email marked 'safe to send'

Check out the menus to find additional information behind every result. We check 74 data points to build a profile of each email address. We check for spam, dark web, gibberish, disposable email addresses, infrastructure and domains... and we can tell you whether it's safe to send or if you should avoid using the address.

Questions about MORE?

1. Why did you change the software?

Put simply, we've developed this new version because it gives our customers more information and more options to improve their business.

We make it our business to help keep data clean for our customers, who mainly split into two categories;

A. The first is companies who use us to keep their data clean to improve marketing and operational effectiveness.  We'll clean marketing lists and also add value at point of entry via our API - we stop bad emails getting onto systems in the first place.

B. The second group of customers are those who deal in data, and rely on us to enhance it.

The first group often rely on our API in an online retail situation; making sure emails are valid to aid transactions online. Over the years we've noticed a strong causal link between the characteristics of the email address and the likelihood of online fraud.

We've developed MORE to provide better accuracy than any other email validation company, and to look at more detail about each email address, so that our customers can make more informed decisions about the data they keep, and the customers they interact with. If you retail online, MORE will help you engage with good people and avoid bad people.

We also developed it because we thoroughly enjoy wrestling with new challenges and turning out a wonderful product that keeps our development team sharp...

2. Will I have to pay extra as MORE is such a comprehensive product?

Nope. It's a free upgrade. Just continue as you are with whatever subscription you have, you will not see a difference in price.  Your subscription is based on the number of emails checked, not how they are checked.  It won't cost you a cent more to upload lists or use the API.

3. How can I use the MORE API?

Our advice is to read the documentation - start with the features and benefits - and decide what aspects of MORE you'd like to use. There are 74 data points available. You have new options that may open up entirely new possibilities for your systems, processes and products.

Once you know what you want and how you could incorporate new data into your systems, you'll need to involve your development team / web builders. They will find clear, comprehensive documentation and also enjoy the new opportunities for endpoints that the MORE API brings.

4. Where do you get all this data from?

We use a mix of proprietary data, real time data taken from a number of email process sources during the validation process, and third party data from respected sources such as Spamhaus. We've also created some pretty special processes for checking the more 'fluid' email addresses - we are particularly active and effective at tracking disposable email addresses.

All this data is considered heuristically and analysed to return results  for each email that you validate using MORE.

5. Dark web - that sounds bad, how come you are looking at that?

In a nutshell, somebody has to. We use our software to keep your data clean. There is nothing clean about the dark web and we will flag emails that we identify as being associated with the dark web. We check against lists of email providers and domains we associate with dark web activity.

6. When can I start using the MORE API?

It's there now. If you're using the Email Hippo API you are already using MORE, you just haven't incorporated new data points yet.

7. It doesn't cost any more, it does a lot more and it's ready for me to use - what's the catch?

There isn't one. We are just delivering our promise to always provide 'affordable excellence'.

We hope you enjoy using More as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Please feedback through any channel, we'd love to hear MORE success stories and spot new opportunities to be even better.

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Written by: Jo

Thursday, 8 June 2017