Is cloud-based email verification safe?

Safe email verification with Email Hippo in the cloud

Is my data safe in the cloud? That's a question we hear often. The answer is yes. Very.

The cloud has helped to revolutionise the business of email marketing. When we started out, we needed servers. They were ours, specified bought and (sometimes) built by us, and located physically in data warehouses that we could (and did) visit. Email data was processed by us, within our own hardware universe. We enjoyed the challenges as we grew and our infrastructure grew too. Costs were relatively high though, and the more data we processed the more time we needed to manage our server growth path.

Along came the cloud, morphing from a developer space to a commercial space for all manner of businesses. After a while it became clear that the opportunities to process data quickly, securely and without fail gave us some exciting new directions.

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Two biggest concerns about cloud security

If you are concerned about security in the cloud, it’s probably based around two areas;

  1. Can anyone access my email data?
  2. Where does my email data go?

Your email data is secure within the cloud

When we validate your emails you can be assured that no-one can access your data and that it stays within a secure environment all the while, until it is ready for you to download your results.

We use Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to deliver our cloud based services. Azure is a secure, protected system that enables us to validate emails on servers worldwide. We use it to interrogate and manage millions upon millions of pieces of data.

In addition we use a security system called CloudFlare that wraps our services in a secure blanket.

You may feel as though the cloud is less secure than your own site because you can’t see it. For all the talk of cloud, something has to exist somewhere on a real computer - right?

It’s unlikely your system and processes could be more secure than Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. If you want to read in detail about what makes Azure secure, have a look at the information within the Trust-Center where information is given in detail about the following 4 areas.

  1. Design and Operational Security - Microsoft continually assumes that security is threatened, to ensure the cloud infrastructure is resilient
  2. Encryption - data within the Azure cloud is encrypted in various ways
  3. Identity and access management - bad people and unknown people cannot access Azure
  4. Security Development Lifecycle - continual focus on developing security

Imagine your own network  - is it as well resourced as Microsoft or Amazon?

Your email addresses are safe with Email Hippo

In addition to Microsoft Azure’s security, your email data will be safely carried within Email Hippo security systems and processes as we offer Software as a Service (SaaS) within the cloud.

  • Data you send to us will be stripped of personal information that you may send in error, so there is no link between emails and personal contact details
  • Data is managed in ways that ensure data processing does not infringe privacy laws
  • Emails are validated within an extremely secure environment
  • When emails are temporarily stored for your access, it is within an encrypted, secure cloud environment


CAN-SPAM, GDPR and how they fit with email validation in the cloud

Security is a massive deal for us, as is maintaining data integrity. We operate worldwide within the guidelines of numerous Anti-Spam and Data Privacy policies internationally. Our email validation services help reduce spam, by ensuring that companies don’t send emails to invalid addresses. By improving email deliverability securely we help move the internet towards spam-free. We do this in the most secure environment available. Your email data is safe with Email Hippo and safe within the cloud.

If you want to understand the cloud as a service offer for your business and you’re not a techy, this article on “Explain that Stuff” is a good start point. Cloud Computing Introduction

Read about Email Hippo data security on our compliance pages. 

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Written by: Jo

Sunday, 16 June 2019