International security accreditation extended at Email Hippo

Do you need to stay up to date with data security?

If so, you ought to know that the scope of our accreditation for data security has been extended. Our ISO 27001 accreditation, certified by the British Assessment Bureau has been increased to acknowledge the data validation services we deliver.

Back in 2017, Email Hippo became the first email verification company to be accredited to the internationally recognised quality standard for information security management systems. Since then, our growth rate has rocketed and we've gone on to provide cloud based data validation services to thousands of businesses worldwide.

Rowland O'Connor Email Hippo CEO

Our CEO, Rowland O’Connor, sees data security as the foundation for growth into new sectors.

“Identity theft and cyber crime were barely heard of when I created an email verification service back in the early 2000’s. Since then, data security has moved to the heart of everything we do. We process our customers data securely and we’ve developed valuable new services that help people reduce the impact of fraud on their business.”

“Data security doesn’t have borders - and that’s why we love making sure our security systems reach the highest international quality accreditation in the world.”

More information about our compliance standards and to read all our terms and conditions, (including Data Processing Terms). 

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Written by: Lisa

Tuesday, 26 February 2019