How disposable email addresses can impact your email marketing

How disposable email addresses can impact your email marketing

Over the years, email marketing has been the go-to tool for most online marketers. Creating a clean mail list is vital for the success of your email campaigns. However, the rise of disposable email addresses has created a new set of challenges. Ultimately they cause havoc to your campaign metrics. Before we dive deeper into how they do this, it's important to learn what they are first.

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What is a disposable email address?

Disposable email addresses, also referred to as temporary or throwaway addresses, are free email services that receive emails at a temporary address and expire or get deleted by the user after a specific time. People create temporary or one-use email addresses to avoid spam messages or privacy. Another reason is to collect gifts and discounts from businesses more than once, since many marketers offer promotions in exchange for the address. Throwaway email addresses are an excellent product for developers and consumers, but a lethal poison for email marketers.


The impact of disposable email on your marketing efforts 

Here's how disposable email addresses can impact your email marketing:

  1. They can damage your sender reputation
  2. They risk account suspension 
  3. They can lead to low deliverability rate
  4. They can lead to lower ROI 

1. Damages sender reputation

Sender reputation is a cocktail of results based on your IP address, domain reputation mixed in with engagement metrics, and subscriber complaints. Disposable email addresses damage the campaign engagement rates, leading to a low sender score, affecting your campaigns.


2. Risks account suspension 

Throwaway email addresses self-destruct or get deleted by the user after a while, leading to invalid addresses and, later on, increased bounce rates. With more bounces and spam reports, you get to the edge of becoming listed as an illegitimate business. Eventually, your provider might suspend your account in compliance with the ISP standards, anti-spam Organisations, and email protection services.


3. Low deliverability rate 

Deliverability rate is an important metric used to measure your campaign success and improve the sender's reputation. As mentioned before, disposable email addresses don't last very long. Therefore, most of them will become invalid addresses after a limited time, which negatively affects your follow-up campaigns.


4. Lower ROI

To venture into email marketing requires a lot of dedication, effort, time, and money. At its best, email marketing is worth the investment. Nevertheless, having your bulk email list filled with disposable addresses can throw all that effort, time, and money down the drain.


What you can do to spot disposable email addresses 

Although flagging a disposable email address out of the box isn't easy, various solutions can help spot them. Not only will you know their existence in your email database, but you have the privilege to remove them.


Check if the email domain is listed among known disposable email domains

There are a lot of domains that feature disposable emails. Checking your list against these domains might be of great significance. While the disposable mail hosts keep increasing by the day, keeping track of all the major culprits can make a huge difference. Some of them include:,,,


Use an email verification solution 

With years of technological advancement, progressive email verifying products have come into existence. Products such as MORE can help you spot disposable email addresses at the very first point of contact whilst CORE can be used to for list cleaning before sending your campaign

MORE is an award-winning email validation API that helps you check your email addresses before a campaign kick-off. Our other service, CORE, allows you to upload a file and know the good and bad email addresses on your list, saving you time, improving your marketing results and reducing bounced emails. Both ensure that the formatting of all email addresses is in line with RFC email standards.

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Written by: Lisa

Thursday, 7 October 2021