Email marketing in 2020 - making it fly with email verification

How to do email marketing well

Hello marketers. Here's what you need. Another new year guide that's way too loooooong and just repeats stuff you already know.

Oh no wait, hang on.

This guide is just two pages long, it's got pictures and it focuses on four key areas, from finding your target audience to making them loyal. It hops from textbook marketing to real-life how to-actually-do-it-simply.

Learn more about why email verification is essential for your business

It's designed for busy marketers who have to get on with stuff but want to take a moment to check if they've missed anything and get some ideas quickly.

Face it, we've all eaten too much Christmas turkey (or maybe just sprouts #veganuary) and now it's a new decade and we just want to get on with the job. Dig in.

Email Hippo email marketing for 2020

The key bits? 31 bullet points of things to check, grouped into four areas that marketers understand. 

  • Who to target
  • How to reach them
  • What with
  • How to do it all over again

It's 2020, let's make email marketing FLY!

Here's the link to download your free guide.

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Written by: Jo

Friday, 10 January 2020