Cleaning up with email verification - two minutes at a time

Email Hippo is helping clean data for the people who help people clean up the planet!

Spoiler alert: It will take less than two minutes to read this.

And in that time, you could have played your part in one a worldwide movement that’s bringing people together to play a part in cleaning up oceans and neighbourhoods.

You can’t live in Cornwall (in the far South West of England) without feeling connected to the sea. We’ve over 400 miles of coastline and our beaches are right up there amongst the best in the world.

We’re biased because we live here - but great things come out of Cornwall, and one of them is The Beach Clean Network. It’s a charity organisation that inspires people to play a part in cleaning up beaches and neighbourhoods two minutes at a time. Like all great ideas, it’s simple, it works and it keeps getting better. It began on our local beach at Bude back in 2013 and it’s gone on to reach all over the world.

The power of the hashtag

A sign for The Beach Clean Network

Social media is the main way that people share their experiences and encourage others to get involved. But the charity relies on reaching people’s inboxes too - and that’s where we are really happy to be able to play a small part. We’ve begun helping to clean the Beach Clean Network email lists so that more email updates reach more inboxes and more people get up and do more good things.

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If you want to learn about the 2minute movement, search for any of their hashtags, or head here and read the story of how a campervan -dwelling - surfer - ex TV presenter - lifestyle writer got hacked off with sea litter and started a social story that’s still having a positive environmental impact around the world.


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Written by: Jo

Thursday, 7 November 2019