Shortlisted for International Success award

Fingers crossed. We’ve been shortlisted for the Tech South West Award for International Success. This is the first time we’ve entered and we’re up against stiff competition so we feel like winners already!

Tech South West represents tech companies in the South West of England, where there are almost 11,000 companies employing over 130,000 people. Right at the tip of the far South West of England in Cornwall we’re in a true hotspot of tech innovation. Maybe it’s the surf, maybe it’s the lifestyle, maybe it’s just that pioneers always head West?!

We really enjoyed writing our award entry as it made us reflect on just how far we’ve come. Back in 2015 we launched ‘Email Hippo’ after 6 years providing email validation under a different company name. The systems we were running are light years away from the scale we’re on now. Back in 2009 we used to host all our own servers and had to split large lists.

Since then we’ve quadrupled in size, extended our services, reached thousands of new customers and improved our infrastructure. These days the majority of our business comes from overseas, in fact we sell email validation and data services to 68 countries. We’re looking forward to keeping the momentum going and achieving even more growth in Europe and beyond in 2020.


Written by: Lisa

Monday, 16 September 2019