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Email verification is a service that helps stop fraudsters hiding behind bad email addresses. By detecting email addresses that can't be trusted, (like those that have just been created, or will only last temporarily) fraud is reduced. You need to trust every customer and a quick check of their email address is a simple, effective way to find out if they are real. 

Our product choices for reducing online fraud are

MORE is an API that prevents people from using bad email addresses when they are buying online. It performs 74 checks on every email address and gives a 'Trust Score' indicator about whether you should trust the person at the end of the email address.
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Sulake is the creator of ‘Habbo’ a social platform that’s the world’s most popular hang-out for teenagers. It’s a multi-player experience, shaped as a huge hotel where millions of people interact, create their own rooms and live out their fantasies. …

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