How email verification can protect your customers against fraud

Verifying the email addresses in your database can go a long way to protecting legitimate users of your service from scammers, and stopping scammers from signing up to your service using hacked email accounts.

Read on to find out about the importance of email verification and how it can help keep your customers safe.

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Protecting your customers against fraud

If your website collects data through your website, they are at risk of gathering fake information from fraudsters or spambots.

This is problematic because it could enable bad actors to access your services or apps and make financial transactions, interact with your genuine customers or even find security loopholes that they can exploit.

Why is email verification important?

Despite technology advances over the last few years, email remains one of the most effective and preferred methods of communication. Almost everyone has an email address that is unique to them, and more often than not will be required to input that email address when signing up to an app or service. The role of email verification is important because it ensures that all of the data you collect is of good quality. 

By verifying email addresses collected by your business with a reputable system, you can improve fraud prevention, protect your sender reputation and improve your marketing efforts.

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Email verification to stop fake sign-ups

For maximum protection against fraud, you need to verify emails at the first point of contact so you can stop them from getting into your system in the first place. 

This is possible if you choose an email verification solution that offers an API so it can be integrated into your sign up process to detect fake or suspicious email addresses. 

You can then set up rule-based actions such as blocking any email addresses that seem suspicious (for example, those containing gibberish, or from fraudulent domains). This reduces the need to review sign-ups manually, so that you and your client can focus your time on other areas of business. 

Without a strong email verification solution, you may need to review sign ups manually, which runs the risk of fraud happening before you’ve had a chance to do so.

How Email Hippo can help

We have two products that can help you stop your forms and CRMs from carrying bad email data through to your system:


Our MORE API is easy to integrate with online forms and checks 74 data points, returning results quickly. It identifies good, bad and unverifiable email addresses and the additional information feature allows you to use an email address to create discrete user experiences.


ASSESS is another API that blocks attempted sign-ups from fake accounts or people using invalid email addresses. It returns a Trust Score relating to name data, location, domain and email address, so you can create automated responses to deter fraudsters and time-wasters.

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Written by: Lisa

Wednesday, 21 July 2021