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Tap into the power of our services with quick, self-serve list checking.

Use CORE to add value to your data. When you know the good and bad email addresses on your list you will save time, improve marketing results and reduce bounced emails.

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Easy to use, fast and accurate

Who is it for?

Anyone needing to check and clean lists of up to 500,000* email addresses. You don’t need to be a technical whizz. If you can cut and paste or upload a .csv file you can use CORE.

What does it do?

CORE identifies the email addresses in your data, checks them, keeps your data in the right order and gives clear results. It gives you all the information you need to make the most of your emails.

How do I use it?

Upload a .csv file containing email addresses to your dashboard. CORE counts the unique emails, then you choose how to pay and you’re done. You get an email when your results are ready. It’s easy.

*More than 500,000 email addresses on your list? That’s no problem, just contact us to arrange a safe and secure encrypted transfer.

Features and benefits


CORE tells you:
Primary results - is the email good, bad or unverifiable?
Secondary results - an explanation of the primary result
Domain country code - the originating country of the domain
Mail server country code - the location of the mail server


  • Professional processing on secure, cloud servers in Europe - be confident and worry-free
  • Pre-process checks count your unique emails, not rows or records - minimises costs
  • Check up to 500,000 email addresses at once - no need to spend time splicing lists
  • Flexible payment options; ‘pay as you go’ or subscribe - enjoy simple, fair pricing
  • 24/7 service with a >99.9% uptime - CORE will be there when you need it
  • Processes your file quickly and emails you when it’s ready - saves time and helps you work effectively
  • Friendly dashboard with results and reports - you get time-saving snapshots and detail too
  • Vigorous detection of disposable emails - spot time wasters and keep systems junk-free
  • CORE adds results in new columns and keeps your data in the same order - so it’s straightforward to work with your data after it’s been checked


How email validation technology helps your business

Checking an email address without sending an email is straightforward. It’s just a case of ‘pinging’ an email server. The response comes in the form of SMTP code that tells us about the status of the email address you’re interested in. For example, ‘422’ means the mailbox is full.

Pinging an email server is easy enough, but it’s a lot harder to validate millions of email addresses 24/7. Email servers defend themselves against spam and other software attacks, and some of the defence processes they use make it harder to validate email addresses.

For example, servers can acknowledge we’ve queried an email address, but ask us to come back later and try again, so they check out whether we are ‘real’ and if we respond to their request. There are also speed constraints; if we process too many, too quickly we can be seen as a threat.

We’re often asked if the recipient will know their email address is checked. They won’t. When an email address is checked we contact the mail server, we don’t send an actual email to an inbox.

Email validation provides businesses with a valuable tool. It keeps mailing lists clean, adds value to data and prevents bad emails being accepted into systems.

Product plans


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  • One-off list, monthly, quarterly or annual subscription
  • Payment by credit card or PayPal
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  • For lists of over 500,000 email addresses
  • Secure large file transfer, GDPR compliant
  • Payment by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer
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  • For high volumes of large lists for example over 500,000 per day
  • Private dedicated server with automated secure file transfer
  • Agreed contract duration and payment terms
  • Payment by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer
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Please note Email Hippo has a minimum transaction fee of $9.

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