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Tap into the power of our services with quick, self-serve list checking.

Use CORE to add value to your data. When you know the good and bad email addresses on your list you will save time, improve marketing results and reduce bounced emails.

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Who is it for?

Anyone needing to check and clean lists of up to 500,000* email addresses. You don’t need to be a technical whizz. If you can cut and paste or upload a .csv file you can use CORE. And if you need any help, use our 24/7 support.

What does it do?

CORE identifies email addresses in your data, checks them, keeps your data in the right order and gives clear results. It gives you all the information you need to make the most of your emails.

How do I use it?

Upload a .csv file containing email addresses to your dashboard. CORE counts the unique emails, then you choose how to pay and you’re done. You get an email when your results are ready. It’s easy.

*More than 500,000 email addresses on your list? That’s no problem, just contact us to arrange a safe and secure encrypted transfer.

The easiest thing you'll tick off your to-do list today

Upload your data to CORE and get on with the rest of your day. Bye bye bounces - hello clean email data.


At-a-glance results

Manage and understand your data easily. We keep your list in the same order and add columns with top-line and detailed results. Perfect for a quick overview or a closer look.


Syntax errors spotted

When is an email not an email? When there's no @. Our syntax check finds basic errors such as missing @ symbols before your emails are validated. You're only charged for checking emails that have correct syntax.


Find disposable emails

Pour cold water on 'burner' email addresses that are often behind fake sign-ups and fraud. Find out if people are using real email addresses or temporary ones and learn whether to accept or block them. We monitor for new addresses 24/7 and detect more than anyone else.


Find 'Catch all' mail servers

Get a handle on the real value of your data. Learn which mail servers are set to accept every email. Emails sent to 'Catch alls' have relatively low open rates and are more likely than other servers to let you send to redundant email addresses.


Say 'no' to spam traps

Fly safely through the spam trap jungle, avoiding mail boxes that squawk or trap you on a blacklist and charge a ransom for your domain to be set free.


Self-serve list checking

You're in control. Upload up to 500,000 email addresses at a time whenever you want to and get an email to tell you when they are ready.


Greylist detection

When mail servers give you lemons - make lemonade. Greylisting is a security check by mail servers that won't confirm our email checks straight away, but ask us to retry later to check we aren't a threat. We squeeze every bit of juice from your email data as CORE returns to servers that tell us to try again, making sure you get as many clear results as possible.


Comprehensive dashboard

Download your list all at once or just by result type, view at-a-glance summaries, and get to grips with your data from every angle.

Product Plans

Pay per file

Check lists occasionally

  • Up to 500,000 emails, volume discount
  • No charge for duplicates, charged per email
  • Minimum fee $9
  • Pay by credit card or PayPal


Regular use

  • Various levels up to 2.5 million emails
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual subscription discounts
  • Pay by credit card or PayPal

Large lists

Over 500,000 email addresses

  • Managed service
  • Secure large file transfer
  • Pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer
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Frequent high volumes of large lists

  • Private dedicated server with automated secure file transfer
  • Agreed contract duration and payment terms
  • Pay by invoice

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Please note Email Hippo has a minimum transaction fee of $10.00 for one off lists. GBP and Euro prices are indicative - the actual amount billed will be in US dollars.

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