Why use a HubSpot email verification integration?

HubSpot offers some great tools to help marketing and sales teams reach new prospects. However, there's not much you can do if you don't have a valid email address for every contact.

And, while HubSpot will apply some simple rules to ensure every email follows the correct format, it has no way to check if a contact has used a fake or temporary address.

To keep your contact database free from junk and prevent your marketing emails from bouncing, you need a HubSpot email verification integration.


Email verification for HubSpot Operations Hub

With the launch of HubSpot Operations Hub and programmable automation, advanced HubSpot users now have a way to access the Email Hippo email verification API directly within HubSpot workflows.

This can be accomplished using the new "custom code" action.

  1. Sign up to Email Hippo and purchase a subscription to MORE, our API product (or start a free trial)
  2. Grab your MORE API key
  3. Create a HubSpot workflow that enrols contacts whose emails you wish to verify
  4. Use the custom code action to verify the contact's email using our API
  5. Add a workflow step to manage the API response (for example, you may wish to update a custom contact property to show whether the email is good, bad or unverifiable)

Example custom code snippet for HubSpot workflows

Here's an example Python script you can use in a HubSpot workflow to verify a contact's email address.

First, add a Python 3.9 custom code action in your workflow. In the edit tab, create a secret called EHAPI with your Email Hippo API key as the value, and add Email under Property to include in code.

Then, set up data outputs for all the API response values you want to store in HubSpot, such as email validation status, spam assessment and Email Hippo trust score. (You can find the full result record schema here.)

Finally, use additional workflow steps to copy the custom code data outputs into custom contact properties.

import os
import requests
import json

def main(event):
  # Email to validate. Add the contact property Email to your custom code action under "Property to include in code" with the name email
  email_to_validate = event.get('inputFields').get('email')
  # URL to make the request. Add your Email Hippo API key to your custom code action as a secret with the name EHAPI
  url = 'https://api.hippoapi.com/v3/more/json/{}/{}'.format(os.getenv('EHAPI'),email_to_validate)
  # Request
    api_response = requests.request('GET', url)
    output = json.loads(api_response.text) 
  except api_response as e:
    # We will automatically retry when the code fails because of a rate limiting error from the HubSpot API.
  # Storing the necessary data in variables
  ea_validation_is_role = output['disposition']['isRole']

  ea_validation_is_freemail = output['disposition']['isFreeMail']

  ea_validation_primary_status = output['emailVerification']['mailboxVerification']['result']

  ea_validation_secondary_status = output['emailVerification']['mailboxVerification']['reason']

  ea_validation_send_assessment = output['sendAssess']['sendRecommendation']

  ea_validation_is_dark_web_email_address = output['spamAssess']['isDarkWebEmailAddress']

  ea_validation_is_gibberish_domain = output['spamAssess']['isGibberishDomain']

  ea_validation_is_gibberish_user = output['spamAssess']['isGibberishUser']

  ea_validation_spam_assessment = output['spamAssess']['actionRecomendation']

  ea_validation_spam_trap_assessment = output['spamTrapAssess']['isSpamTrap']

  ea_validation_eh_trust_score = output['hippoTrust']['score']

  ea_validation_eh_trust_score_level = output['hippoTrust']['level']
  ea_validation_infrastructure = output['infrastructure']['mail']['serviceTypeId']

  return {
    'outputFields': {
      'ea_validation_is_role': ea_validation_is_role, 
      'ea_validation_is_freemail': ea_validation_is_freemail,
      'ea_validation_primary_status': ea_validation_primary_status, 
      'ea_validation_secondary_status': ea_validation_secondary_status, 
      'ea_validation_send_assessment': ea_validation_send_assessment, 
      'ea_validation_is_dark_web_email_address': ea_validation_is_dark_web_email_address, 
      'ea_validation_is_gibberish_domain': ea_validation_is_gibberish_domain, 
      'ea_validation_is_gibberish_user': ea_validation_is_gibberish_user, 
      'ea_validation_spam_assessment': ea_validation_spam_assessment, 
      'ea_validation_spam_trap_assessment': ea_validation_spam_trap_assessment, 
      'ea_validation_eh_trust_score': ea_validation_eh_trust_score, 
      'ea_validation_eh_trust_score_level': ea_validation_eh_trust_score_level,
      'ea_validation_infrastructure': ea_validation_infrastructure

HubSpot email verification with Zapier

Not a developer? No problem! With Zapier, non-developers can easily connect HubSpot to Email Hippo and set up an email verification Zap in a few clicks.

You just need a paid Zapier account and a paid or trial subscription to MORE, our API product.

  1. Connect HubSpot to Zapier using OAuth
  2. Connect Email Hippo to Zapier using your MORE API key
  3. Create a new Zap and set up a trigger from HubSpot (for example, when a contact is created or updated)
  4. Add a step to your Zap "Validate email address" from the Email Hippo app
  5. Add a final step to your Zap to manage the API response (for example, update the contact record)

HubSpot email verification via API

If you need a HubSpot email verification integration that can't be built with Zapier or HubSpot Operations Hub, our user-friendly API allows developers to create simple, robust and reliable connections to and from Email Hippo and other parts of their tech stack.

Managed HubSpot email verification integrations

If you don't have access to a developer and need a solution that can't be built with Zapier or HubSpot Operations Hub, we may be able to help connect you with an integration partner.

Contact us to find out more.


Talk to us about your integration requirements

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