Modern slavery & human trafficking policy statement

We take our responsibilities seriously.

1. Our statement

This statement is made by Email Hippo and its associated business entities pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act) and outlines our position on modern slavery and human trafficking. This statement relates to the financial year ending 30 June 2019 and will be updated annually following each year end.

1.1 Our structure and supply chains

Email Hippo is a leading email address intelligence business providing email address validation and real time insights based on email address focused data. The business operates from the UK and provides services to customers all over the world. We use over 80 local and international suppliers across a wide range of sectors including IT, marketing, office supplies and facilities management.

1.2 Our commitment

Modern slavery is an international crime, and a violation of fundamental human rights. Email Hippo adopts a zero tolerance approach towards such crimes, and is working towards implementing systems and practices to ensure that any such breaches within the business or its supply chains can be identified and dealt with appropriately. Our directors take responsibility for implementing this policy statement and its objectives, and will provide training and appropriate communication to achieve this. We are committed to building our business around strong ethical values and take appropriate steps to identify, prevent and end all forms of modern slavery and trafficking in our business and our external supply chains.

2. Actions to mitigate risk

2.1 Employment

We apply high standards in the recruitment, selection and employment of our people to ensure that:

  • All legal obligations are complied with in the recruitment and induction process;
  • We recruit, promote and develop our people on the grounds of merit and capability;
  • We pay at least national minimum wage plus 5% for all of our entry level roles;
  • We encourage the reporting of concerns and provide appropriate protection for whistleblowers;
  • All staff and directors are expected to comply with our business principles, ethical values and our policies as well as any relevant laws applicable to us;
  • We will train new and existing employees to help them understand the issue of modern slavery, and its impact to help us spot when our customers, suppliers or other contacts may be engaging in such practices.

2.2 Supply Chain

As part of our approach to supply chain management we currently, and will continue to:

  • Build long term relationships with all key suppliers and highlight our expectations of business appropriate behaviour and the requirement to meet or exceed all requirements of the Act;
  • Undertake reviews of our current suppliers to identify those where the risk may be high based on the nature of the sector or territories of operation;
  • Work with such suppliers to understand their own policies on modern slavery, and terminate relationships with any supplier where breaches of the Act are discovered;
  • Develop our standard terms and conditions for suppliers to include a reference to compliance with the Act, 
  • When contracting with third-party supplier terms, seek to include contract clauses relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.