In our guide, Prevent fake sign-ups and be #datahappy: How online service providers can fight a common cause of account fraud, you’ll learn:

  • Why fake sign-ups are a problem for online service providers
  • Why email address intelligence should be your first line of defence against fake sign-ups
  • The specific warning signs an email address could be used for fraud
  • How to use ASSESS to detect email fraud

And more!

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Learn how to prevent fake sign-ups and avoid spam traps

According to Email Hippo data, the use of disposable email addresses increased by 21% in 2019 alone. This represents a growing threat for online service providers, for whom fake sign-ups - commonly facilitated by disposable email addresses - are a common risk factor for account fraud.

In our guide, we explain the importance of reducing your business’ exposure to fraud at the earliest point of contact, and provide guidance on how to prevent fake sign-ups. We also show you why email address intelligence is one of the most effective ways to fight account fraud.


Email Hippo was established in 2000 as an email checking tool. Since then, we have experienced extraordinary growth and developed our fraud-proofing product, MORE, which combines email verification with extra checks that identify invalid and suspicious sign ups. In 2017, Email Hippo became the first company in the industry to receive international security accreditation ISO 27001.

Our company continued to go from strength to strength, and the joint focus on innovation and quality led to us receiving the most prestigious award for a UK company: a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This award was specifically awarded for our innovation, particularly for our fraud prevention API and the Email Hippo Trust Score. 

Email Hippo is now much faster and provides more detailed results on a greater scale of delivery than anything imaginable in 2000. We have decades of specialist experience and a shared vision for delivering excellence and taking email validation into new applications.