Email validation online service for professional marketers and their clients

Now with ISO27001 compliance!

Extract just the valid, working email addresses from your customer lists. Make more money from your email campaigns. Reduce the stress of dealing with huge amounts of bounced emails.



Your data is secure

With our ISO 27001 certification, you can be confident that your data remains private. We've earned the trust of thousands of clients clients since 2009 to keep their data secure. Would you trust other non-certified providers with your company's valuable data?

API included

Validate email addresses in realtime using our super-simple, feature rich, easy to use API . Use immediately with your own applications with well documented examples and guides.

Modern, mobile compatible portal

Runs completely online - no software to install. Charts and reports galore, HTML5, high performance and responsive web browser application.

Features & Benefits

  • > 99.9% Uptime.
  • Syntax verification.
  • DNS verification.
  • Mailbox (deep) verification.
  • Modern, responsive app works on phone, tablet and desktop.
  • Upload up to 500k emails at one time in CSV format.
  • Get a customer friendly pricing for file processing. Pay only for what you upload.
Free trial. Verify 100 emails.

Why validate email addresses?

As a professional digital marketer, you understand that the quality of your customer data is vital to your success.

Typically, up to 40% of users signing up to your business through online registration forms can be dud email addresses. Dud email addresses can harm your business in the following ways:

  • Direct costs - dealing with bad email addresses such as bounce backs in your email marketing campaigns. Does your business perhaps employ someone who will make more productive use of time rather than wasting time removing bounce backs from your mail sends?
  • Lost opportunity - a potential customer doesn't care that they made a mistake inputting their data into your online forms. They will simply go elsewhere when your back end systems fail to get in touch with them by email.

With effective email address validation technology, you can do something about the following unpleasant side effects of doing business online.

How email validation technology helps your business

Right now, your business can successfully filter the following at the point of data entry by either your customer or your data entry staff:

  • Typos - a simple case of a mistaken keypress can cause your customer problems signing up for your service. Your business can lose the opportunity simply because your lead typed an incorrect email address.
  • Tyre kickers - users that are really not interested in paying for your service, try to "game" your systems by using fake or disposable email addresses. Separate the serious potentials from the time wasters.
  • Genuinely bad addresses - detect a wide range of dud emails and the reasons why including: full mail box, mail box not present, catch all addresses, spam-traps and more.
  • The genuine, confirmed, good email addresses - these are the ones that you want! Genuine, validated email addresses that add value to your business.

With the real time services, you get all of this information available to your business in real time either through our modern user portal or directly to your business application by API.

verified email addresses

Why choose Email Hippo?
Email Hippo

Email Hippo launched in fall 2015. "New kids on the block"? Not exactly! New brand for sure but here's some things that you may be interested to know:

  • Trust - We are ISO27001 certified. Thousands of businesses already trust their email validation requirements to our back end services. We don't store or share your data with anyone else.
  • Large Technology Footprint - Our technology powers many other email validation providers.
  • Strong Pedigree - Our email cleansing services were originally created in 2009 and have cleaned up in excess of 960 million email addresses for thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Experience - Our technology delivered the world's first online self-service bulk verification services in 2010.
  • Simple to Understand Results - We don't confuse you with complex numeric scoring systems and leave you to work out what are good and bad email address. We commit to describing each email address as it is in plain English - Ok, Bad, Unknown.

Our services deliver the best quality of coverage out there. That's why we offer full satisfaction with our service with a 7 day money back refund and cancellation policy.

We go even further and deliver a defined SLA so that you can be sure our services are up when you really need them.

Email Hippo provides high quality, reliable technology services to customers who appreciate the value of reliability and quality of third party services in their businesses.

Read more about Email Hippo if you are curious to learn more.

Who is this for?

Occasional use is for customers that don't need frequent email verification services but do have an email file / list to validate.


  • 1 Minimum fee is $10 for files containing up to 1,000 email addresses.
  • 2 Actual price may vary slightly based on the number of email addresses that can be read in your file. Fixed price given at the point of upload and preliminary analysis of your file.
# emails in your file
price1 2

Regular use is for customers that have a regular, ongoing need for email verification. Regular use plans offer discounted fees compared to occasional use / one-off services.


  • 1 Maximum email validations per month. Upgrade / downgrade / cancel easily at any time.
  • 2 Minimum subscription 1 month.
effective cost ()
Free trial. Verify 100 emails.