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The original, "Rolosoft", email validation self service platform created way back in 2010. It's still going strong. Customers that have been with us for years still love it!

What this baby lacks in modern user interface looks, it makes up for in raw, unhindered speed! Upload a list and watch it do each email within seconds. This product is for enthusiasts who are in a hurry to get just the job done with no bells and whistles.

Q) Who will love this?

A) a business and marketing professional who

  • has used this tool previously and appreciates the raw speed of processing.
  • is willing to go with a slightly older looking interface in exchange for performance.
  • has fond memories of the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook 2010 .


  • online(no software to install), self-service email validation platform - the worlds first! (we built our business on this)
  • easy, one at a time checking on the front screen.
  • input email addresses by copy / paste.
  • upload files containing up to 100,000 email addresses.
  • it's fast, very fast! Typical processing time for 50k emails is less than one hour. No waiting, no fuss, watch it work in real-time if you want.

Still Available and Supported!

Fees (unchanged since 2010)

Plan Name # Of emails
(max storage)
Bronze 5,000 $79.00 / mo
Silver 10,000 $119.00 / mo
Gold 25,000 $199.00 / mo
Platinum 50,000 $379.00 / mo
Other > 50,000 Plan not shown?

Payment Methods Welcome


  • Minimum term 1 month. Cancel at any time.
  • Covered by our 7 day money back pledge - (don't like anything about this product? No problem - get a refund with no questions asked!).
  • Important! - We set this up manually and so setup is 1 business day from receipt of payment. Thank you for your patience.