Email Hippo breaks through the 100,000,000 milestone - for emails validated via the Realtime API service.


Since June 2015, Email Hippo has validated 1,000,000 email addresses via the Realtime API service. This service is for users who connect with Email Hippo in one of two ways. Either on their website every time an email address is entered into a form, or validating emails in their own time, using the Email Hippo API.

Email Hippo software has been validating email addresses since 2009, so this 1,000,000,000 email count is just the tip of the validation iceberg for the company.

“We thought it would be interesting to count emails that we validate, so we just popped a counter on to our API dashboard on June 1st 2015. It’s not surprising that we went through the billion mark in less than a year, but it still felt good to watch the digits tick by. If we rolled in the results for the bulk email lists we validate, which can be many millions at a time, we would be working out how to say a much bigger number. Perhaps we’ll start doing that, just to see... There is talk of a party when we get to another milestone. For this billion we decided to share the fun and use the data to share a live count on our API portal so our customers can watch too.”

About Email Hippo

Email Hippo Limited makes data better. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in the UK, providing rapid email validation services to organisations worldwide, via the cloud. The majority of customers are in the USA, Europe and India.

The company is owned by Rowland O’Connor, an advanced computing engineer, who pioneered the ability to validate bulk email addresses in 2009.

Email Hippo is based in the south west of England and owns data centers worldwide to ensure high levels of speed and uptime, and has been built to scale during peaks in demand.

What is email validation and why does it matter?

Email validation is a process that checks whether an email address is real, without actually sending an email to an inbox. Marketers use email validation to check email address lists, making sure they are only sending emails to in-boxes that will receive them. By validating email addresses before sending emails, companies improve email delivery rates, reduce spam and market more effectively.

The demand for email validation has increased as email marketing has grown in popularity and anti-spam laws have developed. The result is that sending relatively low volumes of emails to bad email addresses will get a company blacklisted by Internet Service Providers. Once blacklisted a company will be unable to send or receive any emails – in some cases this can close the organisation down.

Email Service providers that send out bulk emails will refuse ‘dirty’ lists to protect themselves against being blacklisted. Therefore, marketers using out-of-date email address lists will find they cannot engage an Email Service provider for bulk email campaigns.

Key facts:

  • Email addresses become out of date at a rate of 30 to 40% per year. So a list of 1,000 addresses would only be deliverable to 600 to 700 inboxes within a 12 month period.
  • Email Hippo can validate up to 500 emails per second
  • Email Hippo operates data centers in North America, UK, Asia and Europe

For further information contact: Jo Shinner
Tel. (0) +44 1566 701204