Job: CEO & Founder

Rowland studied electrical engineering at Kingston University and later applied these skills of innovation, mathematics, design and research to the IT industry specializing in infrastructure and software design.

He is dogmatic in his approach to problem solving and will always find a solution – it’s probably just as well that he can survive on just five hours sleep!

He is now CEO at Email Hippo, leading the team in designing and engineering new applications for email verification.

When he’s not working you’ll find him immersed in family life or in the sea. He’s an experienced scuba diver with over 3,000 dives logged, is qualified PADI and BSAC instructor and also has a number of technical diving qualifications under his belt.


Job: Cloud Solutions Engineer

Simon has been living in Cornwall for 10 years.

After a short time going to the Liverpool University to study, gaining a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Computer Science, is now back again in sunny Cornwall.

Since joining Email Hippo Simon has established himself as the dashboard expert.


Job: Cloud Solutions Engineer

Having lived in Cornwall his entire life, Chris found his way to Email Hippo after finishing a long period with Cornwall College and Plymouth University where he prepared for a future in software development through a series of multi-disciplined technology focused modules. The skills he acquired and developed during this time have resulted in a solid foundation for his current activities.

This passion for technology started with building PC's as a teenager leading to using the PC platform almost exclusively over other technology platforms for productivity and even video games, which he still enjoys.

A passion to learn and natural progression reveal a strong relationship with technology over Chris's lifetime, he is very proud to be have been able to join the Email Hippo team.


Job: Infrastructure Engineer

Dean joined Email Hippo as an apprentice Infrastructure Engineer having worked as a Support Tutor in education for six years previously. This experience has been put to good use as Dean now heads up Customer Service and is the go to man for any customer queries. He has a natural desire to help people find solutions to specific IT problems.

Dean has always had a passion for technology with a curiosity to know how things work and how they can be improved.


Job: Co-Founder

Lisa started her career in a London PR agency before working in internal communications for Lloyds Bank. She has been running her own communications consultancy business for over 20 years working with many different sectors spanning a wide range of disciplines including copywriting, advertising, design, publishing, exhibition work and public relations.

Her previous experience laid the foundation for her role at Email Hippo that covers marketing communications and business administration.

Out of work Lisa is kept busy as a taxi driver for her daughter, working as a school governor and generally looking after the family and home.


Job: Marketing Imagineer

Jo has been a marketer for over 25 years. She has a special interest in software; initially working in leisure ticketing for a US company, she coined the phrase ‘convenience fee’ and helped launch the first ever online ticketing system. She’s worked around Europe and in different industries at senior marketing levels. Her experience helps Email Hippo reach new customers and recognise opportunities in different channels. Outside of work she is a keen gardener, maker of sheds and keeper of chickens.


Job: Morale Officer

Tom is the office dog. There can be only one because he wouldn’t let another through the door. His office skills are limited but impressive. They include playing football up and down the stairs, knowing when it is five minutes before home time and delivering unexplained bouts of woofing and sneezing.