Email validator extends service to clean Yahoo® email addresses


Email Hippo

Email Hippo has launched an extension to its email validation services that can validate Yahoo email address lists with >95% accuracy.

The pioneering, cloud-based, software company is the only email validating service that can offer such accurate results with Yahoo addresses.

What does it mean?

This is great news for businesses reaching out to a consumer-based audience. For the first time email list owners can check whether email addresses with Yahoo extensions are valid i.e. The new service will help reduce spam, improve email deliverability and make email marketing more effective.

Online retailers and service providers will benefit from the Email Hippo API which filters out invalid email addresses online at point of entry.

CEO of Email Hippo Ltd., Rowland O’Connor said: “Almost 30% of emails sent in 2015 were to Yahoo addresses.* Being able to validate Yahoo addresses is another great first for us. We developed email validation in bulk in 2009 and have been growing our services ever since. It’s taken years of development to be able to do this, there is no-one to learn from when you are in the lead!”

He continued: “Yahoo works differently to other email service providers so we’ve had to learn how to develop infrastructure to cope with the way Yahoo interacts with our software. We’re working to provide a service for our customers; we don’t work with Yahoo directly, so we need to balance the demands of customers who want rapid, multiple address checking, while staying within Yahoo’s fair usage parameters.”

“We work for businesses all over the world, validating millions of emails every day and it was by listening to our customers that we developed this service – our customers were asking for it so we’ve developed the solution.”


*Source: Email Hippo statistics, profile of >100,000,000 email addresses in 2015
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