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Feeling frustrated up with your existing provider service standards? Email Hippo can now offer fast migrations from customers from,, and

Email Hippo is pleased to announce its support for in-migrations to its email verification API.

Customers migrating from other providers can enjoy significant improvements in service:

  • Better uptime. A minimum of 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • Faster response times. A global, cloud based system with services in Europe, Asia and the US ensure fast response times where ever you are.
  • Efficient metering and billing. Automatic invoicing, self service upgrades and downgrades. Corporate clients get uncapped usage and a dedicated account manager.

Rowland O'Connor, CEO and Founder at Email Hippo said:

It's all about The Cloud: The Cloud is the great enabler that allows us to deliver outstanding uptime and speed of service to our customers no matter what the demands on our systems.

On March 31st, 2016 Email Hippo is terminating its white label agreement with existing partners as we do not believe that white label is a business strategy that can deliver affordability or quality of service to end users.

This means that, as of 1st April 2016, existing customers of our white label partners will be automatically migrated onto their own proprietary back end technology (some of which is not cloud based). Due to the planned reduction in infrastructure and operational maintenance processes, customers based outside of the EU will experience increased latency (i.e. things run much slower) and increased downtime due to single points of failure (i.e. single servers) being introduced.

On the basis of an infrastructure design that I believe is fundamentally flawed and disregards the widely acknowledged benefits of cloud computing, I am concerned for the quality of service experienced by customers of our former white label partners.

By offering a production strength, battle tested and reliable cloud based alternative solution, Email Hippo can offer customers of our former white label partners a real choice to opt for both quality of service and affordability.

We now have systems in place to receive in-migrations on a technical like for like basis. What this means is that for any customer with an API supplied by,, or, Email Hippo can offer a fast, simple migration with just a simple change of domain name in the API URL.

By migrating to Email Hippo, API customers will not only restore their email verification integration to a fast and reliable state but also get it at a highly competitive rate too!

Email Hippo is happy to be delivering affordable excellence in email address verification technology.

Details of In-Migration

Accepted from existing customers of,, and

Migrations & endpoints supported

  • - License key based
  • - Domain ACL based
  • - License key based
  • - Domain ACL based
  • - License key based
  • - Domain ACL based
  • - License key based
  • - Domain ACL based

Implementation Time

The Email Hippo technical team will provision your service in less than 6 hours from instruction to proceed.

Implementation Documentation

Existing and comprehensive documentation is preserved too!

See documentation .

Service Standards

All customers receive our 99.9% SLA.

For service uptime, see the public uptime reports .

About Email Hippo

Email Hippo provides on-line, cloud based email verification solutions to businesses across the globe.

Founded in October 2015, Email Hippo owns and operates the email verification technology developed by Rolosoft since 2010.

Since 2010, Email Hippo technology has removed over 4 billion bad email addresses from email lists, CRM and point of data entry systems.

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