Customer Charter


Email Hippo has a leg at each corner...

There are  four principles supporting everything we do

Email Hippo is a privately owned company that uses expertise in email validation to help customers all over the world maintain better data and transact confidently and more effectively online. 

Our principles shape what we do and support how we do it. These principles make it easy for us to create new services and attract people who fit into our way of doing things to join us and grow our business. 

Our principles connect us with our customers because they influence the way we do business and the services we offer. If you like our principles, you’ll like our products and the way we work. It’s simple. 

Here’s what’s important to everyone at Email Hippo;

  • Transparency, straight-talking and respect

  • Expertise, thought leadership and vision

  • Technological leadership, investment and scalable infrastructure

  • Security, compliance and fighting fraud

Transparency, straight-talking and respect
We provide services to customers all over the world. It can be hard to connect with people you don’t meet, so we need to make sure you’re comfortable with us and that you trust us. That’s why we are always friendly and straight with you. We are easy to work with because our processes and promises are clear and simple.  

Email validation is a technical service and we respect the fact that our customers have different levels of technical understanding and will place different levels of demand on our systems. That’s why we have clear communications that speak at varying technical levels. If you need us to explain things at a basic level we’re on it; we’ll take time to help you and provide resources in different formats so you can engage with us in the way that suits you best. 

If you want to talk tech with us we can go super-geek and lift the bonnet as much as we can in order to make sure you understand what we do and trust us when we do it. Our processes and services are suitable for users of all technical abilities. We also enjoy the opportunity to work directly with customers who latch on to our new cool stuff and help us challenge our boundaries; after all, that’s one of the ways we stay ahead.

Whether you need to validate dozens of email addresses or millions, you will access the same quality of service and information. 

Because we are leading the email validation industry, we’re often breaking new technological ground. It’s exciting!  Apart from developing our own software, we also rely on third parties, like secure server providers to help us deliver our services. When we need to present changes our principle of being transparent and straightforward ensures we’ll tell you about developments and give you reasons why we do things the way we do. 

Expertise, thought leadership and vision
Back in 2005 we created email validation as a service and we continue to be experts and visionaries. These days, validating an email address is a service that has a lot more value and scope than simply checking a mailing list. Email validation also helps businesses transact safely online and comply with increasingly complex data protection laws. 

It’s easy to just say that we lead the way - but we really do; in fact, have you noticed hippos have their eyes set facing front but towards the side of their heads? That’s why they have excellent vision, both forward and out-wide. So do we. Because we’re always looking ahead and out to the side we spot new ideas early and roll them into our services quickly. 

The excitement of creating new stuff that helps solve problems never goes away. Our principle of being out in front, looking far-ahead and out to the side plays a key part in everything we do. 

Technological leadership, investment and scalable infrastructure

It isn’t hard to validate an email address. What’s hard is doing it consistently, in a scalable way so that millions of addresses can be validated without breaking stride. One of the reasons we stay at the forefront of the technological curve is because we always invest in systems to ensure our services are scalable and reliable. Our Service Level Agreement promises an uptime of over 99.9% and we continually deliver this. By holding hard to our principle of reinvesting profit into infrastructure and technology we deliver a perpetually better service. 


Security, compliance and fighting fraud

Data is valuable and it can feel risky to trust someone else with yours. Don’t worry. Hippos make great security guards. Our accreditation to ISO 27001 should reassure you that we will look after your data and support you in your compliance with data privacy laws. Our Information Security Management Systems Policy and Data Processing Terms are robust and vital. They form part of our data armour; helping us protect data, minimise risk, evolve and remain compliant. 

Our principle is to treat every bit of data we process as if it was the most sensitive data we could ever handle. Because of this principle we invest in our people and work processes, as well as in third party services to ensure we all sleep easy. Within reason, we help customers understand our security systems so they can confidently do business with us. We do this by sharing compliance information, server policies and information about the third party security services we use.

Who wouldn’t want a hippo on their side if they were facing a fight? In the early days we were just helping keep the internet free from spam and bouncing emails. These days we are at the forefront of the fight against online fraud and we feel very strongly that we help make the internet a safer place. For example, in 2015 we found a valuable link between fake emails and fraudulent transactions. Instead of keeping the link to ourselves we shared it so that more companies could learn and play a part in locking fraud down. We’ve developed some very, very clever software that helps us stay up to date with fake email providers, which allows us to continue our fight against fraud and support of honest online business.  

That’s it. Our principles explained. Now you know what Email Hippo stands for.