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Fast, accurate email validation. Self-serve email validation that's quick, affordable and easy

Join thousands of happy customers using Core to check email addresses on demand.

Use Core to check lists of email addresses 

Upload your lists and see shallow verification results within moments before full email validation begins

Core will email you when your checked list is ready to download.

Your results are added in new columns, nothing is moved or deleted, making it easier for you to manage your cleaned data. 

A note about our infrastructure 

It's scalable and reliable; we don't mind if all our customers come at once. There are no penalties for uploading large lists or multiple lists. Just validate away when the time suits you.

Risk-free email validation

You might give us an email list that has additional data from your
CRM. We keep it all in the same order for you and make it easy for
you to import into your system after validation. This makes it safer
and simpler for you to export and import data. 

Your Core dashboard is easy to use and gives you access to fast, powerful email validation. Upload files containing email address lists, view results and download files. Thanks to our unique 'Matchback' feature yourfinished list will be in the same order, with results added in new columns . 


Your data is secure

With our ISO 27001 certification you can be confident your data remains private and our processes adhere to GDPR regulations. We've earned the trust of thousands of clients since 2009.

Fast response

Response time typically less than one second. Wherever you are in the world, our service infrastructure works intelligently to route your query along the fastest path.

Best uptime always

Services with an uptime better than 99.9% mean that our services are there when your application needs them. Backed by our SLA.

Features & Benefits

  • ISO 27001 certified data privacy.
  • Easy to understand graphic results with domains and deliverability highlighted.
  •   Results added to your data, so you stay in control about data hygiene decisions.
  • Affordable easy pricing pay as you go or subscribe for regular, predictable use.
  • Bad email address detection.
  • Free syntax and mailbox check before validation to count valid email addresses on your list.
  • > 99.9% uptime.
  • Global cloud based servers for fast response time.
  • Big data volumes? Our auto-scaling cloud based systems cope with large data volumes up to 40 million email addresses per month with ease.

Over 3,000 businesses have purchased our services

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